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"Justice can only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime feel as indignant as those who are"

(Solomon 635-577 B.C.)


Keena Charles Chief Executive Officer


Keena Charles CEO and Founder of Violence Impact  

 ​is a survivor of gun violence. Due to the unfortunate and untimely death of her son in 2017, Mrs. Charles has faced unforeseen challenges and firsthand knowledge of the treatment of victims and survivors of gun related crimes. Mrs. Charles carries a burden and passion to see changes in our medical, judicial and labor infrastructures to provide trauma informed care to individuals and families who fall victim to violent crimes.

Keena Charles has a bachelor's degree in business management, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Addictions. Mrs. Charles is a Certified Life Coach.  She has obtained a license to operate a healthcare facility from Allied Health, she has completed the KDOVA training for Batter Intervention. Mrs. Charles is an Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol and Parenting instructor, Member of MOMS Demand Action, Advocate for Victims of Violent Crimes, a Mental Health Technician, a member of Zeth Phi Beta Sorority, and has worked tirelessly in underserved communities as a advocate and Community Case Manager, with 20 years of experience in Human Services field.


Barbara Fletcher (Sac Kansas), Al Ward (Money Concepts), Terrese Crider (Hillside Medical)

 Lisa Chavez (Mother's Against Gun Violence), Debrah McFadden (USD 259

In Loving Memory of Victor Fitz (Founding Member)

To learn more give us a call: (316) 214-1967

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