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Violence Impact Partnerships/Collaborations

Violence Impact is proud to work with the following organizations, churches, clergy and members of the community to provide gun violence solutions and opportunities for victims/survivors and at-risk youth in our community Thank You for Your Support:


Pastor Herman Hicks, Greater Pentecostal COGIC 730 N. Cleveland Wichita, Ks.

 Jessie Cornwell First Pentecostal Church 1755 E. MacArthur Rd. Wichita, Ks., Jose Sambaro Body of Christ Ministries,

Pastor Albert Parades Praise Chapel 6808 E. Harry, Dave & Buster's, Captain Jason Stephens, Michele Blunck Victim Assistance,

 Clary Cunningham Power Program, Villa Boxing Club, A Clear Direction Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, Katrina Breeden RLC Therapy

2021 KANSAS GUN VIOLENCE STATISTICS Wichita Police Department

Mental Health

Katrina Breeden Rose Healing Center

A trauma informed holistic practice offering a variety of Vibration Energy Medicines, Quantum Healing, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Soul Guidance Coaching and more...

Community Policing

Strategic Engagement to Reduce Violence. It is a community policing initiative that seeks to reduce gun violence and violent crime in Wichita by attempting to prevent shootings by making violent offenders aware of consequences that will allow violent acts in an effort to persuade behavior through voluntary compliance.

Violence Impact Youth Prevention Program.jpg


Violence Impact Youth Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the youth in our community build strong character and become responsible leaders. Violence Impact offers summer mentorship to disadvantaged youth in our community, providing programs that allow youth to self-advocate, learn life skills and encourages positive interaction with peers. For more information go to: facebook Violence Impact Youth Program.


Victim Assistance

Victim Advocacy with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s department was established in 2019. The mission of the victim advocate is to provide support for the needs of victims of crime. The Victim Advocate will support victims through direct support, safety planning, advocacy, crisis intervention, education and provide referrals and information for local agencies.


 2620 E. 21st. Street North Wichita, Ks. 67214  (316) 214-1967

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